Get your Idea to the next step of the evolution

Our Accelerator.

what we do, can be more precisely defind as a Hybrid Scalerator.

While the goal of the Accelerators will be to push the progress of the start-up significantly, it will mostly do it for a short and a predefined time. At the same time, entrepreneurs often do not achieve the expected results (usually quarterly), but it is quite possible that they would do so under no time constraints and within a focused incubator.

Hivey’s Accelerator: Gets you to the honey.

We provides all the benefits and tools an accelerator should provide (and much more. Check us out), but does so as part of a stay in a coworking space; Thus, in fact, as part of a permanent and protected office rental, the entrepreneurs receive a working space, highly equipped, with a full 24/7 access to mentors and knowledge to help develop the product in the best possible way, as well as access to potential investors and target audience.

The Accelerator will provide business and strategic development services, product management, monetization, and more in an intimate, personal, dedicated, and highly motivating atmosphere. so you can reach the right destinations, and fast.
Furthermore, for projects that see themselves (and so defined by our mentors) as immature for the market, but ready for initial financing, we will give an opportunity to take part in our “Hivey SharkNight", and meet Angel investors and representatives of Micro Funds, interested in companies at their seed stage.

For those of you who have a startup in the field of autonomy vehicles, it’s a golden-yellow day: We work in close partnership with Afeka institute, so you can enjoy their leading lecturers and experts for mentoring, as well as connecting with high ranked managers of leading car manufacturers in Israel and abroad.

We want to say this is your road to success, but roads? where we going, we don’t nedd…roads.

Product management
How to define the MVP / POC? What is the profit model? Cracking "the egg and chicken" element
Strategic Managment
How to get started? what's our go-to plan? Financing and recruiting an investor? Bootstrap?
Business Development
Business plan, Company stucture
If the team in the project is not technical And builds the product itself - finding the manufacturer / recruiting the relevant plant
Marketing system
Defining market, competitors, and finding the right price
Establishing the company, partner agreements, patents

You're nexy idea will change the world? we're here!